Friday, May 20, 2011

Day Five: The importance of group dynamics

We've had a lot of issues with gossip lately. I'm trying (not as hard as I would like) to keep myself from being involved in such discussions, or at least  not contribute if I do happen to get involved.  I think it's surprising that I'm just now beginning to fully understand what it means to compromise my faith for the sake of fitting in; this is such a middle school youth group type of topic that it leads me to think I either retained very little of what I learned in youth group, or my religious education was seriously lacking. *Sinful* sounds so much harsher when I see it on the screen, but once I start thinking about it, I can't ignore the fact that gossip is a sin.  I think it's is one of the sins that people look past way too often, and it's made all the more difficult by the devil, who helps us trick ourselves into thinking that it's not that bad. I am praying for strength to be different even if it means alienating some of my new friends.
Today we had a lot of down time. We learned the art of falconry at a farm on the outskirts of Scandicci, and that took all morning.  We had a normal lunch and then all of us took naps til the movie marathon about the Medici family and the history of the Renaissance. It was really interesting, but I think the lack of something to do at every second of the day sapped some of our energy and we were all falling asleep. When I started to nod, I just acted like I was stretching my neck from all the hair-whipping I did last night at our little dance party. Everything about this trip is laid-back and low-stress. It's like the best vacation I've ever been to. I think maybe that's why the classes feel so out of place.
It's 11:45 here now, so I'm going to bed.
Buona notte!

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